• That Short Hair Life

    Heeeeey second week of March. One step closer to spring. Keep a close look out on Wednesday night for some special shit happening!! So grateful for … Read More

    That Short Hair Life
  • Cool Sculpting: My Experience

    So about a month ago, if you saw, I posted on my instastories how I was getting Cool Sculpting that day. I was going to post about this regardless but … Read More

    Cool Sculpting: My Experience
  • Oh Hey 2018, What Do You Have In Store?

    It would be quite appropriate to admit how long it has been alongside the neglect to this site. I feel it would also be a waste a time to dwell on … Read More

    Oh Hey 2018, What Do You Have In Store?
  • My Holiday Attire

    I wish I could say I had like 5 Christmas parties to go to or something, but I don't. That doesn't mean I can't have one killer look for Christmas … Read More

    My Holiday Attire
  • I Live in Loungewear/Gift Guide

    Ya know guys, I feel like I spend most of my time shopping for outfits when in reality, I just want to be in comfy lounge wear. I think I found my … Read More

    I Live in Loungewear/Gift Guide