• #allstartedwithcustard

    I love a good story. Especially a love story. Or hearing how people have met. I think its adorable! Whether it is a short or long story, it is … Read More

  • Our Engagement Story

    Its been 3 years and 22 days of Jeisson and I dating when we hoped on a plane and headed to NYC to spend Christmas with his family Everyone who, … Read More

    Our Engagement Story
  • Staycation in Style

    Well hello there! Remember me? While I’ve been away, don’t think I didn’t make time to play. And I’m here today to tell you why! … Read More

    Staycation in Style
  • That Short Hair Life

    Heeeeey second week of March. One step closer to spring. Keep a close look out on Wednesday night for some special shit happening!! So grateful for … Read More

    That Short Hair Life
  • Cool Sculpting: My Experience

    So about a month ago, if you saw, I posted on my instastories how I was getting Cool Sculpting that day. I was going to post about this regardless but … Read More

    Cool Sculpting: My Experience